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We prides ourselves in providing happy, healthy puppies to loving homes, we have taken all precautions to make sure that our puppies are healthy when they leave us.

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  • Adult Weight:12-18 lbs
  • Adult Height:12-13
  • in-Life Expectancy:9-14 yrs

Bringing Home Your New Puppy!

First vet appt. should be within 72 hours of bringing your pup home please make this appointment ahead of time.

NO shots at this appointment for ANY reason even if your vet says it is needed, this could make your pup very ill or worse! He or she has just received a vaccination within about a week. Your puppy will also have just been dewormed with safe guard dewormer for 3 straight days and should not need any deworming again for 1-3 weeks unless a stool sample reveals otherwise then your vet will be able to advise. I worm all of my puppies every 2 weeks until 16 weeks of age Tractor supply has Nemex 2 or Safeguard you can buy and easily give to your puppy these are just as effective as anything your vet will offer you we use Nemex2 until the pups are 6 weeks then we start them on Safegaurd (Fenbendazole) because it covers more types of parasites than nemex 2. You can buy this one on Amazon at Walmart or your local Tractor Supply or Feed Store.

If you have fleas in your area and are looking to use long lasting flea control DO NOT let your vet talk you into trying BRAVECTO this drug is new and has been thought to have caused many deaths shortly after taking these chews. There is a FaceBook group you can join to learn more about it Does BRAVECTO Kill Dogs?

*** Throughout your puppy’s life you will likely need additional vaccines like rabies, after the 3 sets of core puppy vaccines. Please do not let your vet talk you into getting vaccines such as a 5-in-1 (core vaccine) at the same time as getting the rabies or other vaccines, vaccines break down the immune system for possibly 1-4 weeks and all vaccines should be given 3-4 weeks between so they body can recover and create immunities.


When you pick up your new cavalier puppy I will send some of the food that they have been eating. They will be eating Royal Canin mini puppy and half a tab of nuvet plus per day to order online http://www.nuvet.com/79667 or by phone at 1-800-474-7044 our breeder code is 79667. I will also give you a sample. You can soak their food with clean warm water goats milk or goat keifer for a few minutes before serving it to them this will help them digest the food better and is also a good way to make sure they are getting enough water, clean fresh water should be available at all times as well.

Switching foods abruptly will cause tummy problems and cause extra stress on your new puppy. Your puppy will already be under the stress of leaving his or her home it is not wise to change foods right away. If you choose to switch foods it needs to be done very slowly over a 4-6 week period. And please wait at least 1 month to begin this process until your pup is well adjusted to his or her new home.

Throughout your dogs life I recommend switching and mixing premium foods often I also top off kibble with BPA free canned 5 star foods that do not contain carrageenan and/or colorings natural or artificial. With kibble I stay away from most foods especially foods with corn, bi-products that are unspecified, medandione (synthetic vitamin k) or anything else unspecified like animal fat. Say the bi-product is something nutritious it will be labeled as an ingredient and while even chicken feet can be healthy for dogs if the foods are not specific you can be feeding your dog sick slaughter house animals, or even feathers when feeding bi-products. I like to see meat and meat meals as the first ingredients and chelated minerals as well as pro and/or pre-biotics at the bottom of the list. Also a fresh raw diet is always a great option but for most owners not feasible and needs much research to be able to do without causing your dog any deficiencies. There are online companies that sell these diets already prepared though! Petco and Petsmart have a refrigerated section with some raw diets as well these are some of the foods I use as mixers occasionally most dogs love them but you must not leave them to sit out and spoil also these are usually pasteurized which kills off nutrients and enzymes as well as bacteria so they are often put back into the food artificially keep that in mind.

http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/ has some good info to help you understand label reading so you can understand what to feed and what not to feed and why.


I also recommend that you get an x-pen or IRIS USA Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Pet Pen or some kind of safe puppy enclosure for when you are away from home or around the house but puppy is not being supervised. You would be surprised at what trouble a puppy can find if they are left roaming the house. I also firmly believe that all dogs should be crate trained you should get a medium sized crate…. I have already introduced them to the crate starting at 3 weeks they all pile in to sleep at night naturally, I do not have to train this behavior so they should have no problem adjusting but it may be best to let them sleep next to you until they get used to sleeping alone as they are now sleeping with their litter mates. They also like to have a comfy bed or pillow to sleep on.

Food and Water bowls:

Cavaliers tend to get their ears wet, so for drinking I recommend a spaniel bowl or a lix-it water bottle (my favorite) so that you can avoid wet matted ears. I clean the inside of their ears with unrefined coconut oil and a soft cotton ball as it is a natural anti fungal anti bacterial and great for the skin.


Cavaliers need at least weekly brushing daily is best a finger tooth brush or even a paper towel works fine I use gel toothpaste you can even get it at Wal-Mart.


Because Cavaliers have large prominent eyes they can have issues with tear staining under their eyes. This is seen a lot in teething puppies of all breeds mostly between 5-20 weeks off and on. These marks can be unattractive and may produce an odor if not maintained. I use unfiltered apple cider vinegar in their water just a capful to prevent this your puppy will be used to drinking it, you can add it to their food with some whole fat greek yogurt or plain keifer as well, it only takes a cap-full per an average bowl of water not only does this help the eyes it also aids in digestion of proteins and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses in the digestive tract. As a bonus, it does not interfere with the body’s beneficial bacteria, which are the immune system’s first line of defense against harmful microbes. There are so many things that ACV is good for even parasite control that I highly recommend you continue using it. But back to eyes the vinegar and simple washing even cornstarch can prevent this if it becomes an issue. I never recommend angel eyes it is an antibiotic and only a temporary fix plus it is not safe to give antibiotics in low doses ongoingly. after the teething process is over the watery eyes usually will go away if it does not your water may have too many minerals (too hard) which can clog the tear ducts in this case switching to bottled or filtered water may help or your pup may have a food allergy.


They should be clipped or filed monthly I use a buffer after to smooth them out. with adults I like using a dremmel or even a pedi paws but you need to get you puppy used to it early on by turning it on and just letting it run so they can feel the vibration. i also think if you will not be showing your puppy its a good idea to shave the hair up under the paw pads as your puppy grows this hair will be like little mops attracting dirt, mud, urine or even feces.

Brushing & Bathing:

Cavaliers need minimal brushing mostly the ears, behind the ears chest and armpits. every other day or as needed and I like to give them a bath at least once a month to every other week depending on how much outside playtime they have had. They are not all “foofoo” dogs and do enjoy playing in the yard as much as they enjoy your couch or lap, so that is when the need the most brushing. Shampoos I use are Chris Christensen shampoos, sprays and conditioners if I am out of those I will use “Anypet” brand puppy shampoo it has the most amazing fragrance that will last for about 2 weeks and also conditions, or nature’s miracle shampoo for puppies. I use a regular pin brush and a small hard plastic or metal wide tooth comb for grooming my cavaliers. To finish them after they are all brushed out I use a inexpensive Goodie brand boars hair brush I got at Walmart in the “peoples” hair section make the coat silky and shiny.

www.groomersparadise.com/panagenics_spray.htm This is a fantastic product as well and this site has some good grooming tips.


Puppies need lots of toys I use real baby rattles soft and hard tough balls that are large enough to not get stuck in their mouth Nylabone toys (not the edible kind) with bacon sent are a good choice. I do not ever give raw hide pups can choke and die on it I don’t recommend deer antlers as I have heard that pups can break their teeth on them. Toys need to be checked regularly to be sure they are not losing small pieces your puppy can choke on. Most squeaky toys can be dangerous and need to be check regularly dont leave your pup unattended with them, they are a favorite and we do buy them but only the kind that do not have the round squeaker that can be chocked on, plastic water bottles without tops make good temporary toys as well if they are playing on a tile or hardwood floor!

Training treats:

I like string cheese, cooked chicken bits Natures variety instinct raw boost dehydrated are our personal favorite dry treats or dried liver if you are away from home and need something dry and unrefrigerated we do not like to use too many commercial treats too many recalls plus they are usually full of junk and preservatives.

You need to train your puppy like you are the pack leader you can be firm yet gentle just as their mothers are to them when they are still with her. Mothers do not let their pups get away with behaviors she does not like and will let them know firmly without hurting them, you need to continue to do this don’t let cuteness trick you into allowing your puppy to be the boss at any time any “bad” behaviors need to be dealt with immediately so your puppy will be the perfect pet you are dreaming of!


Cavaliers need I.D. as well they are very super friendly and should never be off leash unless in a controlled environment and should never be allowed to escape your yard or home…

Vaccinations need to be kept up We give the first one at 8 weeks. You should have you vet give the second at 12 weeks and third between 16-20! I don’t let any puppies out side until 18 weeks or 2 weeks post final vaccination when they have a strong immune system. Never take you new puppy to parks pet stores or dog parks until they are fully vaccinated!!!

Foods not to feed:

  • Chocolate coffee tea or any other foods containing caffeine
  • Cat food, Yeast dough can cause gas and rupture the stomach or intestines, Baby food containing onion powder, Onions, onion powder, Garlic, garlic powder, Grapes or raisins, Cooked or small pointy bones, citrus oil, Fat trimmings from meat, Human Vitamins with iron
  • Salt, Mushrooms, Sugar or sugary foods, Hops or alcoholic beverages, Large amounts of liver
  • Potato rhubarb or tomato plant leaves
  • Raw eggs contains an enzyme called avidin that causes the body to block Biotin aka vitamin B
  • Raw Fish, Persimmon seeds


Try not to use anything with sol in it i.e. Pinesol Lysol they are very toxic to dogs…

Vinegar is great non toxic cleaner this is my first choice. You can buy cleaning vinegar the difference between this and regular distilled white vinegar is that cleaning vinegar has a little higher ph. When cleaning with vinegar you should let the surface stay wet for about 10 minutes then wipe clean. We also use heat to clean at 240 degrees on all hard and soft surfaces.