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We prides ourselves in providing happy, healthy puppies to loving homes, we have taken all precautions to make sure that our puppies are healthy when they leave us.

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  • Adult Weight:12-18 lbs
  • Adult Height:12-13
  • in-Life Expectancy:9-14 yrs

What people say about us

This is my favorite page.... All the letters and emails that I have gotten about puppies I have sold. Please take the time to read!!!!

Dear Handy,

Checking in with you to let you know that everything is great with our little "Piper". His vet visit went well as expected. Piper travelled well in the plane and car and is very happy with his new home. His crate training is excellent and we have had no accidents in the house. ! I do believe we have the perfect puppy!

We love his personality. So playful and loving. His cuteness factor is off the charts. His appetite is off a bit. Maybe going outside to potty so often in this heat is affecting him. We will watch it closely.

Thank you for preparing Piper so well.we look forward to years of sweet companionship. I love him to bits already.

Gratefully, Dana and Elbert Lee

Maggie went to the vet today and they all fell in love with her and was really impressed with her and where she came from so much they asked to copy Holly's business card. They also loved all the information in Maggie's folder. On her 9 hour drive home she did great in her car seat. We could not of asked for a better puppy. She is adjusting well and getting along with her sister Sammie. Doing great with her potty training. We can't thank Holly, Angelita and all the great staff for taking great care of our baby girl. Wish we could of meet Holly and Angelita but who knows maybe next time. God bless you all.          

Bill, Donna, Sammie and Maggie

Hi Handy and Beatrice, Just wanted to let you know that Hiro is doing great! He is such a sweetheart and so well behaved. We love him so much! He loves his crate and adjusted so well, even on the first not, not even one cry. He loves sleeping on his back which is so cute and funny to see. He had his vet appointment on Monday and was perfectly healthy, his fecal test results returned negative as well. We registered his microchip, akc number and pet insurance. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience. Below are some photos of Hiro in his new home :)

-Purnema & Chris

Hi Handy! Sorry it’s taken me this long to send an update! Our puppy, Flash, is doing great and has been adjusting so well! He went to the vet this week and was all clear on his wellness and fecal exams! He’s been getting along really well with our other cavalier, Oakley. They play and chase each other around the house non stop. He has been sleeping through the night like a champ and has been doing amazing with his potty training! Yesterday we went for our first walk on the leash around the neighborhood and he caught on so fast! We are absolutely in love, thanks for being amazing at what you do :)

Dr Chelsea Axe, DC, CSCS

Hi Handy:

Just writing to let you know that the boys got home last night safe. It was great to meet Jake and Nanny Transport is a great service … we can’t imagine an easier way to have gotten the boys! Thanks for the blankets … they came in handy on the way home and will be with the boys in their crate. We had an easy night with the boys … they slept calmly in their crate (which is in our bedroom) and woke us around 6AM to go out. They are really getting the hang of doing their business outside and we’ve had a good day starting their training (already walked on a leash, are learning about the lure and we’re working on sit). Right now, they are sharing a chew stick: Most of all, they are healthy and seem to have adjusted to their new surroundings easily. They are also wonderfully affectionate. All of which I think is largely due to good breeding … so, thanks! We will keep you apprised of how the boys are doing and hope you and your family have a happy and healthy holiday. Best wishes,

Steve, Kim, Bart and Beau above

Hi Handy. I just wanted to send you a few pics. Jake ended up naming her Lucky. But we will probably end up calling her Lucks! She is a joy to have around the house. She fits in with our family just perfect. She is having a great time playing with Jake, Dan and I. Her and Jake are just starting to play chase! She only lasted 30 minutes on her first day at the beach, it was short lived but she had a great time. All of the Panamanians are saying she is "muy linda" which is very pretty or very cute! Thank you so much for helping me get her here. We love her very much, she is a great dog : 0 )

Daphne Martin